Project development 1999 - 2000

From the outset, The Rotary Club of Clark Centennial continued to remain focused on its primary project - The Angeles Bahay Bata Center

achieving the following key objectives:
   1. Completion of the construction of the main
   2. Completion of the construction of a
       caretaker's house.
   3. Completion of the construction of a
       Half-Way House.
   4. Submission of a US$40,000 Matching
       Grant to Rotary International for fittings.
   5. Landscaping of the center.
   6. Sign writing of the center.
   7. Commencement of Livelihood Projects.
   8. Promotion of the project to key people
       within the Rotary District and Rotary
   9. Promotion of the project and club to the
       general public through media events.
 10. In addition to the primary project, the club
      still continued to work on the following
      smaller projects:
        * Support of 10 students in a scholarship
        * Continued Support to DSWD with
           Christmas Parties and Fun Days.
        * Vitamin distribution to Grade 1pupils.
        * Polio Plus Memorial.
  11. Establishment of a Rotaract Club.

Increased contact with overseas Rotary clubs in promoting our projects and Rotary clubs in the Philippines lead to sponsorship for the Bahay Bata Center.

Member commitment enabled the club to grow and achieve its goals for the Rotary Year 2000-2001, exemplifying Rotary’s motto for the Rotary Year 2000-2001:

* Work on the construction continued.
* Additional donation boxes distributed to raise
  funds for scholarship program.
* Trees planted around the boundary of the
* Over 70 Mango planted trees as part of
  AGRA Training Project for Street Children.
* Evaluated requirements for Matching Grants,
  overseas clubs sought to partner in the  

* Construction of the street children’s center
* Design, costing and donations sought to
   build a home for the live-in caretaker.
* Continuation of our excellent relationship with
   the Dept of Social Welfare and Development.
* Hosted 150 Street Children at the Funworks
   Amusement Park. Members of the
   community and local businesses assisted to
   make it a fun day. Television coverage was
   obtained and the City Mayor participated in
   the festivities.



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