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Our Projects

10$ / 1,000$+


Dehydration is a shortage of fluids, related to many simple medical conditions. Patients thinking they are ill go to a hospital, but they only need fluids. The rehydration center, a joint project with The BEN TAN Foundation will relieve the hospital of those patients.
400$ / 700$


This project gives the Aeta a very useful, continual source of income as well as providing a basic material for their houses and charcoal for cooking.

Although a grass, it can grow up to 20cm in diameter and 30m tall.

400$ / 1000$


To brighten up the lives of local children we organised a simple Children's Art Competition, which quickly became a large successful project with the help of Angeles City Tourism Office. This now looks like becoming a big annual event for the young artists.
400$ / 700$


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